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Introducing Track Pants | Back Stronger, Wiser

When out there, the pressure and winds square measure continuously against you. each jock and trainer realizes the importance of up. If you don’t, then your contestant is far earlier than you.

Fitlethics values and respects the philosophy of progress. Our track pants for the men’s area unit devised from the same attitude. The initial Generation was successful however it created India even hungrier.

Overwhelmed by the praise, we have a tendency to saw a much bigger responsibility.

Our track pants are wherever we have a tendency to land. Your feedback, knowledgeable opinion, and our innovative struggle got America here.

We are proud to own such features in form of participating customers and ambassadors.

Track Pants a pair is what we have a tendency to aimed for, and that we are delighted to motive it. every element is re-done, re-imagined, and re-thought. Your performance is what matters to America. thus we have a tendency to bring Joggers Pants a pair of.0 for a competitive tomorrow.

Let’s inspect a number of new features:

Many trainers are keen on abused bottoms. Keeps them centred and gripped on each stride. However, some analysis follows and portrays a more robust different.

Tapered-zippers with abused bottoms worked higher in our tests, here is why!

Gym Wear needs a deeper understanding of And an athlete’s perspective. Our study and collection have created India to put mortise joint zippers with tapered bottoms. Works best for the contestant for wear with ease and regulate with would like.

Stretch and free motion is important for a trainer to precise himself with freedom.

Track pants pair has an area for further gathering around calves and knees. currently any squat, jump or the other bender you wish to drag off, make love with additional flexibility.

We introduce a double panel leg track pants gusset for any flexibility and gracefulness.

Often you understand the uncomforted match round the groin space as you stretch whereas acting out there. Our resolution resolves over simply the flexibleness. helps you to move quicker and smarter.

In the quest to allow you to fly, we tend to work on obtaining the material additional sturdy and versatile.

Get a softer and sander to feel with Double Cotton. Keeping the material at three hundred GSM, it’s increased breathability and adaptability. Our magnitude relation to Elastane reaches perfection to present your final performance.

Track Pants Heat-sealed reverse zipper pockets ar following generation factor. we tend to bring the piece to present you peace of mind for your valuables. Keep them safe and dry whereas understanding.

Moreover, keep your hands safe from scratches with the reversed pocket and lined zipper.

The contest keeps getting tougher. We want to make sure you get all the right pieces.

Let us take the responsibility for the wear.

Available in Black, Melange Grey, Port Maroon and Navy Blue.

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