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Fitlethics: SPORTS BRA

It’s no secret that carrying a sports bra is ‘hello necessary. Carrying the proper sports bra size while you train minimizes the impact of your chest’s movement throughout the exercise, providing straightforward, painless elbow grease. Trust us, albeit you are a long-serving member of the itty weeny committee, do not be fooled into thinking you’ll be able to do while not.

First things first: sports undergarment filler. Your sports undergarment ought to match well cosy, however not therefore tight that it feels dyspnea to wear. Yes, it’s going to want a mission to place on within the ever-changing area however, keeping your chest secure and reducing bounce helps to alleviate each back and breast pain.

A good sports undergarment can even facilitate your women to keep buoyant… oh, therefore currently we’ve got your attention. Workout, be it box jumps or running for your Uber at 3 within the morning, (weighty chips and garlic dressing in hand ofc), puts your Coopers Ligaments – the skinny animal tissue that supports your boobs structure – underneath large strain. While not the proper support, you may be inflicting irreversible harm to your women and their perkiness. It’s higher you discerned currently, right?

In short, you’ll be wanting to search out a method that is best for your specific size, breast form and activity level… and you thought finding a traditional undergarment was onerous enough. Looking at the impact of the activity (low, medium or high), their square measure totally different sports bras, and support levels to suit. From the cushion sports bra straight through to the strappy sports bra – supporting ‘yo women throughout an elbow grease has neer been easier.

Like most things tho’, not each sports undergarment goes to be the same; its match, its design, its purpose – everything can take issue ever slightly, therefore do not be involved in your sports undergarment size is not an instantaneous comparison of your usual T-shirt bra size!

In the ultimate Fitlethics Sports Bra Size guide, we’ll be answering the following:

  • How do you measure for the best sports bra size?
  • What size Fitlethics sports bra should I get?
  • What are the differences between a low, medium and high support sports bra?
  • Which style/type of sports bra is right for me?

Sports Bra sizing: How to measure for the best sports bra size and fit

Yes… 80-100% of ladies very square measure carrying the incorrect size bra. And that we all apprehend Indian country women square measure terribly seldom wrong, therefore it is time we tend to type this out once and for all.

To ensure that your sports bra fits sort of a dream, we’re talking: no-chafe, no shoulder pain, no uni-boob bulge; we’ve place along 2 easy steps for you to follow. To ensure that your sports undergarment fits sort of a dream, we’re talking: no-chafe, no shoulder pain, no uni-boob bulge; we’ve place along 2 easy steps for you to follow.

How to measure for your Bra Size:

Step 1: Measure your bust:

Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust – nipple to nipple. Ensure that you don’t pull the tape too tight; it should be snug, but still loose enough for you to fit a finger between the tape and your body.

Step 2: Measure your under bust:

Place the tape measure firmly around your chest, letting it rest just under your bust. To ensure that the tape lies flat against your back, again the tape should be snug, but still loose enough for you to fit a finger between the tape and your body.

Now that you have your two main measurements, it’s time to find your sports bra size and get the best cup for your coin…

Which Fitlethics Sports Bra size should I get?

Introducing: The Fitlethics sports bra size guide.

As mentioned earlier, your sports bra filler is dependent on 2 measurements: your bust and you’re beneath the bust. Take a glance on top of if you are unsure on a way to take these measurements.

Once you are pleased with the readings on your tape, reference them to the chart below to search out your good sports bra size at Fitlethics.

The “Does my Sports Bra size fit me?” Test.

Now that you’ve found your ideal sports bra size, and it’s sat there in all it’s bright, newbie glory, try the sports bra on and test its fit.

When trialing any sports bra size, you’ll want to focus on three aspects: the straps, the under band and the fit of the cup. If one of these components is just slightly off, let’s face it, you’ve not got the best cup for your coin; with minimized support, you’re back to the drawing board. Don’t be disheartened though, it can take a while to find the perfect counterpart.

When testing a Sports Bra Size, trial the following features out to ensure the best fit:

  • Straps: as a rule of thumb, you should always be able to place a finger underneath the straps of your sports bra. If you’re not able to, we’d recommend loosening your straps ever so slightly (if applicable). To ensure that you don’t go from one extreme to another though, loose straps reduce the support offered.
  • Under Band: lift your arms above your head – if your sports bra rides up and doesn’t sit flat to your chest, it’s likely to be a little too big which could result in chafing during your workout. Try adjusting the straps slightly. If it continues to move, we’d suggest going down a size.
  • Cup: if you’re testing a padded sports bra, your girls should be comfortably sat within the cups. No matter how weird it may look, scoop them on in and do a little jiggle around. If the cup is too small, or not the right style for your breast shape, you’ll notice that your boob pokes/bulges out slightly – here we’d recommend either sizing up or trying an alternative sports bra design.

So, the question is: does your sports bra really fit you? Like really really fit you, and does it fit you well?
Can you lift, jump, downward dog and more in your sports bra without the fear of your girls falling out?

If you’ve answered no to the above, we promise you – despite what you may think – the world is not over. Yes, there is still hope – it might just be that you need to alter your sports bra size slightly or, opt for an alternative style/design of sports bra that suits your build that little better.

If you’re still unsure on which sports bra size you should go for, please just give us a message below! We’ll happily help you out best we can with your sports bra sizing! 

Which style of the sports bra is right for me?

It’s one of all the toughest queries inside the boob-sphere. You recognize however your sports bra ought to match, you perceive the importance of its support and by currently, you are happy to decision yourself a veteran of the all-important “bounce test”… however those area unit simply the fundamentals.

The STYLE of your sports brassiere is simply as necessary as its match. With a gradual increase in ladies ditching the exercise jersey altogether, believe India once we say that the hunt for a sports brassiere resembling one thing aside from a “breast bag” from the Nineteen Seventies is high. And yes, that actually was a factor.

Although we would like you wanting nice at the athletic facility, we have a tendency to raise that you just do not focus only on the aesthetics of the sports brassiere, however additional towards its operate, style particularization and match – take a scan of the specs and learn the advantages of the planning. For example: wide, adjustable sports brassiere straps = multiplied support.

Which sports brassiere is correct for you falls right down to the dimensions and form of your breasts and therefore the kind of activity you partake in.

Below, we’ve printed the distinction between our current sorts of sports bras: low support, medium support and high support; that sports you’d usually wear every for, and therefore the sizes that they are accessible in (PS – all sports bras are accessible in sizes XS-XL, will we have a tendency to get a hell yeah!).

Want to find out more about how you can get the perfect sports bra size and fit?

Maybe you want to read some real-time reviews on how our sports bras actually perform? Whatever extra bit of information you’re after, we guarantee that if you click here, you and yours will find what you’re looking for.




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